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Didj Hunting

Agave didgeridoo didj hunting

Some might think that any agave plant might make a good didge. Not so, really, the taper and how it transitions into the bell is paramount to the quality and playability. Many agaves don’t really get a bell. Many just have a tiny bore all the way to the end with just a slight flare. So the proportions of the plant stalk are the key. And the agave plant only makes one stalk near the end of its 20 to 30 year life. And there are many species of agave, only one of which makes really fine didjeridus.

Didj Hunting for Didgeridoo

Geoff has wandered and studied for many years to find the perfect crops of perfect stalks to make perfect didgeridoos. Of course, the location of those perfect valleys is a trade secret, but it can be said that the best are not in California. A few pictures should not give it away.