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Geoff Frost has been making fine crafted didjeridu since the turn of the Century. Internationally recognized craftsman Geoff Frost started with a passion of art, design, and music. After many years in the world of corporate America, the economy hit, jobs were cut and Frost Didj was formed. Based out of Old Town Tustin in California, Frost Didj works with an intention to craft some of the finest didjeridus in the world.

Geoff Frost didgeridoo maker

Geoff specializes in agave and snake gourd as his primary didgeridu materials. His multi-layer mouthpieces and matching bell rings reinforce the basic didj and enhance the sound and appearance. Tasteful inlays and outlays of agates, petrified dinosaur bone and a variety of other rocks and minerals enhance the beauty and mystique of his didjeridus. The internal dimensions and air volumes are dialed in from many years of experience, which guarantees a master level of playability. The result is always a super light and world-class player’s instrument that gives a lifetime of astounding rhythms and tones.

Geoff Frost agave snake gourd didjeridu

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Didjeridus are available both online and in person. Custom orders are welcome, and can include artwork by Geoff.